ABC Nightline – Featuring Hercules the Liger

ABC Nightline – Featuring Hercules the Liger

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Ligers are giants due to “hybrid vigor”, during which they achieve the strengths and attributes of each mother and father. Ligers stay lengthy, wholesome lives, are very good and present nice resistance to sickness and illness.

Ligers are extremely social animals and are comfy residing with each lions and tigers. They additionally show real affection for his or her human handler’s and trainers.

Contrary to widespread perception, ligers will not be a “man-made” creation. Similar to pizzlies (polar bear / grizzly bear hybrids) and wolphins (whale / dolphin hybrids), ligers have existed in the wild for hundreds of years. Due to the latest decline in each lion and tiger populations, nevertheless, their territories not overlap.

While some individuals don’t take into account ligers as “zoologically vital”, their true significance is in getting individuals’s consideration and serving to to convey the significance of world biodiversity and conservation. Obviously it really works. . . . . in spite of everything, you might be watching the video and studying this assertion.

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