Aqua Planet Aquarium Fish Shop

Aqua Planet Aquarium Fish Shop

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Here is the Aqua Planet Aquarium Fish Shop situated in Kurla.

The aquarium fish store offers in wholesale of all kinds of freshwater fish.

The fish store additionally offers in unique fish and marine fish.

They inventory a large variety of aquarium fish varieties of their fish store.

As the proprietor and different fish store employees should not digital camera pleasant so i take you thru each fish tank to point out their fish inventory.

The proprietor additionally requested me to cowl their fish storage part and therefore i get an entry to that part displaying it to you all for the primary time and that is the one video of aqua planet in which you’ll watch their storage part.

Their fish storage part has flowerhorns, large koi fish and marine fish inventory.

To keep away from single fish or pair fish enquiries the fish store proprietor requested to not share their contact quantity as they’re wholesalers and can’t entertain retail clients over name.

However you should purchase fish in retail by personally visiting their fish store.

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The aquarium fish coated
Ryukin gold fish
Arapaima fish
Silver arowana fish
Dwarf gourami fish
Honey gourami fish
Lily gourami fish
Albino oscar fish
Tiger oscar fish
Pearl arowana fish
Green arowana fish
Strawberry cichlid fish
Banana cichlid fish
Ficolor cichlid fish
Trangelin fish
Pearlscale gold fish
Pelch fish
Oranda gold fish
Rainbow shark fish
Albino shark fish
Shubunkin gold fish
Discus fish
Tinfoil barb fish
Milky koi fish
Flowerhorn fish
Giant koi fish
Red parrot fish
Yellow parrot fish
Pyjama cardinal fish
Keyhole angel fish
Giant gourami fish
Alligator fish
Cray fish
Tiger barb fish
Redtail shark fish
Silver greenback fish
Widow tetra fish
Silver shark fish
Mono sebae fish
Neon tetra fish
Ramarosy fish
Molly fish
Serpae tetra fish
Motoro stringray fish
Clown loach fish
Blue tang fish
Naso tang fish
Maroon clown fish
Yellow tang fish
Percula clown fish
Tomato clown fish
Regal tang fish
Fumanchu lion fish
Sailfin tang fish
Bicolor parrot fish

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