Bedouin Horsemaster Ali Al Ameri

Bedouin Horsemaster Ali Al Ameri

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Extended trailer for ‘Ali Al Ameri – ‘The Bedouin Horsemaster’

A brief preview of the eagerly anticipated feature-length documentary from ea Media Solutions, which reveals Bedouin Horsemaster Ali Al Ameri visiting horses across the United Kingdom as a way to resolve their issues. Never earlier than has Ali allowed cameras to observe him and seize his work. This unique video gives a tremendous perception into Ali Al Ameri at work, exhibiting the ability of his pure horsemanship…


CASE STUDY 1. Alicia & Athena

CASE STUDY 2. Maria & Ebony

CASE STUDY 3. Shelly & Star

Produced, Directed & Edited by Eric Averkiou

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