Brian Barczyk & Why Spider Ball Pythons are Terrible

Brian Barczyk & Why Spider Ball Pythons are Terrible

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Spider ball pythons have been banned from some European expos. Was this a mistake? Should extra expos make the identical strikes? What’s fallacious with spider ball pythons anyway? Today, we discuss concerning the wobble, corkscrew, feeding points and extra on this the spider gene, whereas breaking down Brian Barczyk’s vlog, “defending” spider ball pythons. Honestly he form of made it too simple.

Edit: In reference to the tremendous cinnamon clip, ‘The Python Burrow’ clarified that: “He did not breed Cinnamon to Cinnamon Mr. Know all of it he was displaying a parthenogenesis clutch that he had ZERO management over.” Sorry for the misunderstanding there.

Brian’s video is right here to make sure nothing was taken out of context:

Have you see a spider ball python with a spider wobble? What about extra extreme points? Should the International Herp Society not have banned the gene from expos? Leave your ideas in a remark.

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