How to Breed Royal Blue Tiger Shrimp

How to Breed Royal Blue Tiger Shrimp

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I had a variety of questions on Royal Blues after having the shrimp particular. I needed to get this video on the market for those that have been as to how I breed my Royal Blue Tigers and have nice success with them.

Royal blue tiger shrimp are extraordinarily straightforward to preserve and breed in the event you comply with the movies directions. They are one of many best Caridina shrimp in the marketplace. All the royal blue tigers that I promote are bred by me. They thrive in these parameters and can thrive for you in the event you comply with the care instruction I give.

The prerequisites for my part to have a profitable Royal Blue Tiger tank:
Sponge Filters
Java Moss
Malaysian Driftwood
Video Specific Water Parameters
Regular Feeding
Cautious Water Changes

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Keep on shrimping 🙂

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