How to Build Glass Bird Cage

How to Build Glass Bird Cage

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After two Do it Yourself Bird Cage for Budgies, this third time is my greatest and hardest challenge to make, and I believe it was price it. I made a spill-free Glass Cage, no extra mess, more room to fly. Everyone is pleased!

I DO NOT RECOMMEND Glass Birdcage for untamed or scared Budgies or any Birds, they will damage themselves when hitting it!
The second most essential factor about Glass/Acrylic/Plexi cages is Ventilation.
There should be sufficient holes or openings for air flow, which may trigger respiratory issues if not.
For my Glass Cage, they’re all protected and I’ve no single drawback with the protection of my birds.
In summer time possibly I’ll add extra air flow holes within the again.

After all, All I would like is for my Budgies to be pleased and wholesome!
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