Hyena Tries Drowning Rival

Hyena Tries Drowning Rival

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The rivalry over territory can turn out to be an unsightly one at instances. And, when wild animals conflict, you may make sure that there are by no means 2 winners, there’ll all the time be one between the 2 that pulls the shortest straw.

In December 2019, Vicky Stephenson, a 29-year-old subject information and camp supervisor, heard unusual hyena calls from their camp in Ingwelala, Greater Kruger National Park. It appeared prefer it was coming from the riverbed. Latestsightings.com requested her to clarify the occasions of that day.
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“When we heard the strange hyena calls, we quickly headed off to find out what was going on. Two hyenas were in the river – battling it out! One was the dominant and the other one trying to retreat.”

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“We were all shocked as it was the first time any of us had seen such a vicious struggle between hyenas. It was harsh to watch as the hyena being struck was already badly wounded and looked exhausted and in pain. We felt obligated to watch though, as this was fascinating, especially being a field guide and never having seen something like this before – although –not pleasant to watch.”

“After about 2 hours of on and off fighting, we saw the original dominant and 2 other hyenas heading down the road towards the injured hyena, and at that stage, we knew that the hyena would not survive the last fight, so we decided to leave it in peace. We later found out from the office that the hyenas had finished the hyena off after we left.”

“We sent our footage through to a hyena expert to find out what they thought could have been the reason for such a battle. She explained that the 4 hyenas involved were all males. The young hyena (she could tell by the teeth) being pushed had probably recently left his clan to find another clan to join, as males will do to ensure genetic variation. The 3 males of this territory weren’t happy about it, which is something that happens from time to time.”

“This was the worst hyena encounter I’ve ever seen. Usually, you get the traditional scuffle at meals, however by no means an intense ongoing battle like this one. Even although it’s by no means nice watching any animal in misery, it’s nature, which all the time has a objective, and in case you can abdomen it –it’s a sighting you’ll always remember and possibly by no means get to observe once more! So take as a lot video and photographs as potential, as a result of it might be instructional to others. “

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