Ligers: A Cruelty Unveiled

Ligers: A Cruelty Unveiled

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I perceive that it is a controversial matter. YES, some ligers are wholesome and even outlive their dad and mom, HOWEVER, this video addresses points relating to nearly all of ligers that are unhealthy resulting from genetic defects brought on by hybridization. All data right here comes from credible sources (AKA not exploiters of ligers, however fairly unbiased reviews). Wether you belive within the scientific facet of the cruelty or not, these animals are “showcase” animals. They are exploited and sometimes saved in poor situations as most reside in roadside or unregulated services. Some, although uncommon, are nicely cared for, I’m not denying that, however they’re stull bred for exploitation, NOT conservation like many declare. Those who breed them will usually decieve the general public through the use of their liger to attempt to disprove claims of cruelty by lies and false data. It is a free nation and you might be free to decide on what to imagine, nevertheless, that is cruelty. Yes, they’re stunning however do not you assume they deserve higher than being a software for man sort’s exploitation?
Thank you for taking the time to learn this and watch the video.

This is what services breeding ligers for exploitation don’t want you to know. They misinform the general public to allow them to achieve cash and fame. Don’t fall for his or her tips. Here are the information. Please share this video so others could study of this as nicely.

A liger outcomes from a breeding between a male lion and a feminine tiger. Due to the hybridization, the animal lacks full DNA, inflicting many well being issues.

There are additionally birthing issues. The irregular measurement of a liger cub could trigger a miscarriage. If the liger cub comes out alive, many have been recorded to final just a few days or even weeks. Since the liger cub is born a lot bigger than a traditional tiger cub, the mom usually requires a C-Section. This will be deadly, and it’s reckless and egocentric to place a tigress by this only for a liger cub.

Ligers and tigons share loads of issues as nicely. Both have well being issues resulting from genetic abnormalities and neurological defects related to hybridization. Being hybrids, they aren’t genetically sturdy, and usually reside a lot shorter lives than both of their dad and mom.

They are liable to cancers, illness, and arthritis, and are recognized to have unstable temperaments. Depression and confusion have been famous in ligers and tigons. This is because of conflicting behavioral instincts (for instance, tigers are solitary, and lions are social).

Both animals have distinctive dietary wants, that are not often met.

Did you realize that the AZA doesn’t approve of breeding ligers and tigons? They don´t, as a result of they really feel it’s unethical, and since it has at all times been normal process to not hold two separate species collectively. Whenever you go to a zoo with a liger, you might be supporting an unaccredited zoo, which is never an excellent factor. Also, animal consultants worldwide have acknowledged themselves that this hybridizing is solely not okay. Humans shouldnt play with nature.

These zoos usually have two responses when folks ask why they’ve ligers:

1. Ligers weren’t one thing we deliberate on having or wished, their births had been unintended.
Why this reply doesn´t work: How can a hybrid be unintended? No good zoo would ever combine species in the identical enclosure. If they actually wished to combine species in the identical enclosure, they may have simply ensured no unintended births by having the animals fastened. This reply is simply not justifiable.

2. We are breeding ligers to avoid wasting them within the wild (conservational functions)
Why this reply doesn´t work: Ligers have by no means existed within the wild. People have made claims, however none have ever been confirmed. The solely space on the earth the place lions and tigers would meet is the Gir Forest. However, this space is definitely horrible tiger terrain, and solely actually fitted to lions. It is just not probably these two animals would ever meet up, and regular conduct would hold them from mating with one another. Besides, nearly all of these animals are sterile and they’re going to by no means be thought of a real species.

This is one thing we should cease quickly. Please boycott locations that proceed to breed ligers and tigons, and unfold the phrase as finest as you possibly can.


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A particular due to Big Cat Rescue and Carole Baskin (their founder) for permitting us to make use of their photos. It was a terrific assist and we admire it immensely.

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