Lion VS Tiger –  Who will win in a fight ?

Lion VS Tiger – Who will win in a fight ?

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Lions and tigers are among the many most ferocious animals however there are vital variations between them.
They are each among the many 5 huge cats and are apex predators —
i.e., they haven’t any predators of their very own and reside on the prime of their meals chain.
however simply who’re the titans of wilderness, which is the strongest, and which ones reigns supreme.
We thought it might be enjoyable to take a nearer have a look at the 2 kings of
animal kingdom and see how they stack up subsequent to at least one one other.
Lions sometimes inhabit savanna and grassland, though they might take to bush and forest.
Lions are unusually social in comparison with different cats.
The male lion is extremely distinctive and is definitely acknowledged by its mane.
Native to the mainland of Asia, the tiger is the most important feline species in the world.
The Bengal Tiger is the commonest subspecies of tiger,
constituting roughly 80% of the complete tiger inhabitants.

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