Lovebirds Meal Time – Wednesday, December third, 2020

Lovebirds Meal Time – Wednesday, December third, 2020

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The lovebirds are consuming a wide variety of leafy greens and seeds. It is a cloudy week, it has been raining quite a bit in the previous few days, not like what I instructed about 3 weeks in the past. It rained closely from midday to night, generally till midnight, generally till the following morning. This makes me completely satisfied, this climate makes the air cool and the rain makes the crops develop wholesome. I believe that on this aviary there are many locations for every pair of birds to be shut collectively on chilly nights. So that they do not get chilly. We are completely satisfied sufficient simply by imagining it.

The meals we offer this time consists of inexperienced greens and entire grains. The grain combine that we offer is white millet, purple millet, yellow millet, canary seeds, niger seeds, chia seeds, foxtail millet, mustard seeds, entire oat seeds, unhulled rice, buckwheat, safflower, black and white sunflower seeds. While the greens are lettuce, chicory, mustard pokchoy, and kale.

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