Macaques SLAP Squirrels And Steal Their Food | Primates | BBC Earth

Macaques SLAP Squirrels And Steal Their Food | Primates | BBC Earth

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Jackfruit is a prized meal, however it may be exhausting to inform once they’re ripe and able to eat. These lion-tailed macaques in southern India have a artful method of getting the tastiest morsels – stealing them from Malabar large squirrels!

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Taken from Primates | Episode 1
Monkeys, lemurs, lorises, bush infants and, after all, the nice apes. Countless faces, one exceptional animal household. Engrossing new tales mix household drama with the most recent science. On Congo’s volcanic slopes, we meet an apparently fearsome silverback mountain gorilla, who seems to be a mild and attentive father to his younger. Cutting-edge analysis signifies that caring fathers are probably the most profitable silverbacks. In South Africa, we be a part of an elusive and diminutive lesser bush child from a newly found city inhabitants, on a night-time raid of the town zoo. In Malaysia, we expertise a Lar Gibbons’ cover world from their perspective, in a filming first. From snow-capped mountains to the most well liked deserts, and from probably the most distant, unexplored landscapes to the very coronary heart of our fashionable world, Primates is the last word, definitive celebration of our very personal animal household.

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