My Life Horse Riding

My Life Horse Riding

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Everyone begins sooner or later
and everybody improves over time 🙂

-what age are you now?
i’m 24 now ( on the finish of this video i used to be solely 14)
i made this video 10 years in the past.

-Do you personal a horse?
I’ve by no means owned a horse, however i’ve loaned 3 horses (2007-2011)
and work part-time at a livery yard now

-whats the music?
The music is Patience, by Take That
Link to song—

-How lengthy have you ever been using for now?
20 years!! (10 on the finish of the video)

-you didnt trip a horse until you had been 11???!!!
This could seem bizarre to some off you, however the using college i went to solely had ponies so i by no means acquired the possibility to trip a horse until i used to be 11.. I’ve now simply began using horses on the age of 16

Take a journey by a (very) condensed timeline of horse using clips of my life
( i’ve many extra achievments, however thy wouldnt all match on this video XD)

If im not using effectively in among the clips, its trigger i studying easy methods to trip!
Clips of me using at 7 years previous are usually not representations of how i trip now as an grownup in my 20s.

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