The Final Boss of Re:Zero | Re:Zero Season 2 Episode 18 Review/Analysis

The Final Boss of Re:Zero | Re:Zero Season 2 Episode 18 Review/Analysis

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Pandora, the Witch of Vanity, reveals her highly effective Authority and her standing because the hidden antagonist liable for a lot of Re:Zero’s battle.

Here’s my assessment of Re:Zero Season 2 (Part 2) Episode 18, AKA Re:Zero Episode 43.

Emilia’s trial continues proper the place it left off, with Geuse making ready to combat Regulus. Pandora reveals herself, and Geuse absorbs the Sloth Factor as a final resort. Incompatible with the Sin, he fights by way of the ache as his physique rejects it, and makes an attempt to guard Emilia and Fortuna from Regulus. But even the Unseen Hand has no impact towards Regulus Corneas’ overpowered Authority of Greed. Regulus torments Geuse, who’s now Betelgeuse, till Pandora makes use of her Authority of Vanity to warp actuality in order that Regulus was by no means current. Fortuna and Betelgeuse settle for their fates, and combat Pandora till the tip. Archi sacrifices his life to let Emilia escape the Black Serpent. She then makes her approach to The Seal, the place she finds the Witch of Vanity ready for her.

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