The Impact of Akira: The Film that Changed Everything

The Impact of Akira: The Film that Changed Everything

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The music in Akira just isn’t “Traditional Japanese music” it’s a combine of world music however primarily Gamelan from Indonesia, Indonesia having had some… colonization points with Japan, so that’s a fairly unhealthy mistake to make. I Apologize for the error, and to anybody who was offended.

Hey. Akira’s a fairly good film. Kind of modified the historical past of anime. Gonna speak about it now.


Regular Eyepatch Wolf:

Akira: Story Behind the Film:

Akira fan Poster

Akira colors:

Making of Akira (Dvd Extra)

Variety Review:

Lets Fight a Boss Podcast:

Sound Cloud:


Song List:

Scandroid – Neo Tokyo (Dance with the Dead Remix)
Dance with the Dead – Nightdrive
C418- Septic Shock
Hotline Miami 2 – Around
Nikey 9 – Exhausted Divinity
Edamame – Ochre
Makeup and Vanity set – Standing on the sting of a second
Akira OST – Requiem

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