This Day Aria [1080p]

This Day Aria [1080p]

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My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
Season 2 x Episode 26
A Canterlot Wedding Part 2

Credits go to Daniel Ingram for composing the tune.


This day goes to be excellent
The form of day of which I dreamed since I used to be small
Everypony will collect spherical
Say I look pretty in my robe
What they do not know is that I’ve fooled all of them.

This day was going to be excellent
The form of day of which I dreamed since I used to be small
But as an alternative of getting cake
With all my associates to have a good time
My wedding ceremony bells they might not ring for me in any respect.

I might care much less in regards to the gown
I will not partake in any cake
Vows, properly I might be mendacity after I say
That by means of any form of climate
I’ll need us to be collectively
The reality is I do not look after him in any respect
No I don’t love the groom
In my coronary heart there is no such thing as a room
But I nonetheless need him to be all mine.

We should escape earlier than its too late
Find a method to save the day
Hope, I’ll be mendacity if I say
I do not worry that I’ll lose him
To one who needs to make use of him
Not look after love and cherish him every day
For I oh-so love the groom
Oh my ideas he does eat
Oh Shining Armor, I’ll be there very quickly.

Finally the second has arrived
For me to be one fortunate bride.

Oh, the marriage we can’t make
He’ll find yourself marrying a faux
Shining Armor might be

Mine, all mine!

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