TIGER – Amazing Predator. Why Can't We Save The Tiger?

TIGER – Amazing Predator. Why Can't We Save The Tiger?

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“Thanks for this, it’s certainly a very good protection on the problem.”
Sujoy Banerjee
Director -Conservation Programme WWF-INDIA

“Your video is nice.”- Wong Jim Fong WILD ASIA

“Many thanks, It is the help of individuals such as you that makes us battle on in these crucial occasions for wildlife. Videos like yours might help unfold consciousness – the important thing to placing governments beneath strain and altering insurance policies.”

*Dedicated to these guards who put their life on the road for little pay to guard the tiger and its habitat.
Total captive tiger numbers= 10,000 +/- in numerous conditions. (most are Amur/Bengal combined)

Tiger numbers within the wild:
(based mostly on the newest and factual information I might discover)
BENGAL TIGER= 1,200-1,450 (S.Asia: India) Low numbers because of lack of habitat with inhabitants increase, want for agriculture, unlawful searching, and poor safety.
AMUR/ SIBERIAN TIGER= 350-450 (E. Asia: Russia, N.E. China) Low numbers because of unlawful searching in huge unprotected habitat as effectively authorized searching killing off their pure prey. Logging firms (some mafia influenced, clearing forest)
INDOCHINESE TIGER= 700-1,200 (S.E. Asia: Vietnam, Cambodia) Low numbers because of fragmented habitat, devastation of forest for palm oil manufacturing, unlawful searching and poor safety.
SUMATRAN TIGER= 300-350 (W. Indonesia: Sumatra) Low numbers because of lack of habitat, unlawful searching and poor safety.
MALAYAN TIGER= 400-600 (S.E. Asia: Malaysia, Thailand) *decleared a separate subspecies from the Indochinese tiger in 2004. Low numbers because of lack of habitat from logging and agriculture.
SOUTH CHINA TIGER= 10? (S.China) declared extinct in 2003. (One picture not too long ago taken is being known as a hoax.) Low numbers because of China’s ready till 1977 to outlaw searching. No safety from unlawful searching. Loss of habitat.
(A captive born male S. China tiger was born 11-23-07 in Africa)

*All tiger footage filmed at Big Cat Rescue, Tampa, Fl. 2007
I lastly noticed my first wild tiger March 2012, in India, on my “SAFARI INDIA” collection.
Thanks for watching! Your views assist wildlife.

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