Tigers: What's the distinction?

Tigers: What's the distinction?

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There are at present six dwelling subspecies of tiger. This video goals to indicate you the variations between them and clarify a few of the numerous traits and traits.

Edit: This data was correct at the time the video was created, some issues have modified since then upon new information and discoveries!

The 4 extinct tiger subspecies are the Caspian tiger (P. t. virgata), also called the Hyrcanian or Turan tiger which went extinct in the Seventies, the Javan tiger (P. t. sondaica) which additionally went extinct round the Seventies, the Bali tiger (P. t. balica) which went extinct in 1937 and the prehistoric Trinil tiger (Panthera tigris trinilensis) that went extinct 50,000 years in the past.

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