What to expect if you encounter a wolf

What to expect if you encounter a wolf

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An ODFW intern encountered a wolf whereas out within the woods monitoring wolf exercise. She breaks down wolf conduct and what to do if you encounter a wolf whereas looking or recreating within the woods. For extra info, please go to:

In the unlikely occasion that you encounter a wolf, here’s what to do:
– Make positive the wolf is aware of you are there.
– Shout or converse loudly so the wolf hears you.
– If seated, get up and wave arms so the wolf sees you.
Wolves have a tendency to keep away from people when they’re alone or in a pack. Once a wolf sees, hears or smells you, it’s going to most probably depart the realm rapidly.

If the wolf (or another predator) nonetheless approaches or acts aggressively:
– Do not run, keep calm and hold going through the wolf.
– Pick up babies with out bending down, put canine on a leash, and depart the realm.
– Shout, make noise, make your self look bigger, and throw any obtainable objects.
– In the unlikely occasion that you are attacked by a wolf, battle again.
– Use bear spray or mace, it is vitally efficient at discouraging any giant predator.

Wolves typically keep away from human interactions, except they’ve change into too accustomed to individuals. This can occur when individuals feed wolves or wolves are getting constant meals from campgrounds or dumps.

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