You will never believe how we bring in these amazing Friesian horses.

You will never believe how we bring in these amazing Friesian horses.

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By watching our informative movies, you will study every part about Friesian horses. What is like in the movies: Are Friesian Horses Friendly, good for newbies, simple to journey…
How do Friesian horses eat and sleep.
How tall are Friesian horses…
What are Friesian horses used for…
Where are Friesian Horses originate come from…
Friesian horses and dressage, path using, driving…
Friesian Horses in the Netherlands, Friesland….
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PO field: Postbus 344, 8600 AH, Sneek, The Netherlands

It is November 10, 2018 (when we made this video) and the pasture is getting too moist for the horses.
First, the yearlings and two-year-old mares can go to the steady.
Thereafter, the colts are allowed to go inside.

The mare i am using:
Uniek fan Goëngamieden (Ulbert 390 x Brandus 345) Kroon Sport

The yearling mares and two-year-old mares:
Berber fan ‘e Goëngamieden, Maurits 437 (Yasmijn C., Leffert 306)
Alina fan ‘e Goëngamieden, Jehannes 484 (Freke M., Sibald 380)
Christella fan ‘e Goëngamieden, Aarnold 471 (Elsje Okay., Tsjalke 397)
Elianna fan ‘e Goëngamieden. Markus 491 (Koekoeksblom fan ‘e Tsjonger, Tsjalle 454)
Elbrich fan ‘e Goëngamieden, Erryt 488 (Jolijt ‘fan Panhuys’, Anders 451)
Frieda fan ‘e Goëngamieden, Loadewyk 431 (Sjirkje fan ‘e Reuzepôle, Bikkel 470)
Eefje fan ‘e Goëngamieden, Jasper 366 (Uniek fan Goëngamieden, Ulbert 390)

The yearling colts:
Daan fan ‘e Goëngamieden (Alwin 469 x Tsjalke 397)
Erik fan ‘e Goëngamieden (Wylster 463 x Beart 411)
Dolf fan ‘e Goëngamieden (Tsjalle 454 x Sape 381)

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Because lots of people ask in regards to the music I used….
Music: Midnight North – Slow Times Over Here

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